A fun app for creatives!

The Mailroom app from Cartolina is geared for creative small businesses, including Etsy sellers and indie designers. It offers an easy interface that adds a little fun to boring business correspondence from companies to clients. Definitely checking this out!

 $1.99 at App Store


Arrested Development Inspired Cards

My super talented illustrator friends created these fantastic cards inspired by the comedic classic, Arrested Development. Hopefully one of them can get a walk-on for the upcoming season. 

You can even print these too! Double the reward.


Projection Music Video: "Sweater" by Willow

This music video is so neat! It was shot with 3 video projectors, and beaming images onto the walls and floor. You definitely have to do a double take a few times.

video credit: "Sweater" by Willow


Jacqueline Wagner: 3D Illustration

I recently discovered Jacqueline Wagner, a designer based in London who specializes in 3D illustrations. I love the layers she achieves by working in 3D- the subject matter and colors are especially interesting too. Visit her site and blog for more beautiful work and an in depth look on her process.

Opzij: The Big Men's Issue
Concept, set design and photography for Dutch magazine Opzij
{Illustrations accompanied the findings of a big survey which discussed how men see themselves, women and their relationships}

Das Magazin: Leerkassetten
Illustration for the German monthly Das Magazin
{A short story about a man who – while being treated for a serious eye infection – records his thoughts and memories onto cassettes for his future wife. For some details of the set-making process}

For an exhibition about Cycling in London


Olympic desktop wallpaper by Tabitha Emma

I recently discovered Tabitha Emma's site, full of lovely designs and whimsy illustrations. I am crazy about this desktop wallpaper which is very much in theme with this month.

Hop over to her blog to download different sizes!


A fresh start

It sure has been a while since I posted some of my own work up on the blog. I was super busy planning our wedding, but now that the last thank you note has been stamped I've been brainstorming what the next steps are for dot + jim. I put it aside for a bit to focus on building The Nimbus Factory, but I think it's time to hop back in.

As my love for all things wedding grew over the past year, I thought why not expand on that? My inspiration was taken directly from elements of our own wedding- vintage hankies and memorable lyrics.

I hope you'll enjoy this sneak peek at the new dot + jim wedding collection!


Oh happy day!

Boy, was April 14th a fun day. Here are a few of our favorite shots!

All photos copyright Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

 Martha Stewart paint chips served as place cards, strung from a flea market ladder.

 Invitation suite designed by The Nimbus Factory.

 My matron of honor and I fashioned these cotton bouts.

 That anchor was carried by my great uncle in my grandparents' wedding (dot + jim) back in 1945!

Cake topper by The Small Object.

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