matthew kern: photo collage artist

I recently found Kern's site stashed in my bookmarks, and I'm really glad I revisited it. Kern uses a Polaroid SX-70 camera to build his layered photo collages. Using charcoal, pencil, ink transfers, and other mediums, he alters each images' front and back then he groups those images, always maintaining the Polaroid grid as anchor.

Artist Statement:
My inspiration sometimes comes from the actual world where the documentation of experience serves as the foundation of the collage, or I can be inspired by dreams, or a response to an environment or a memory or an emotion.

Layers, Pegasus

The Start Of A Letter

I think his use of the deep blue color in Pegasus makes the piece even more appealing. The shadows create layers themselves, almost making the piece seem 3D. The Start Of A Letter is my favorite one because it is so full of movement and growth. I enjoy seeing how each closeup image contributes to the overall unity of the piece.

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