sweet bay prints: now featuring dot+jim!

Sweet Bay Prints is nestled in the beach community of Santa Rosa Island, just about 15 miles west of Destin. Owner Sherri Lee Scruggs opened up shop back in 2007 and has since then built a strong online presence and storefront. I love the inspiration behind the Sweet Bay name:

The name was inspired by the my favorite tree, the Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree. Its perfect white bloom is inspiring, resembling of a blank canvas where any great design can emerge. The magnolia tree represents all the southern charm and hospitality that Sweet Bay Prints offers to its customers!

Sweet Bay has everything from custom invitations to stamps to beach tunics and towels (and most recently, a hearty selection of dot+jim cards). Visit the site or take a trip to the retail store on the lovely Gulf Coast!

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  1. wow congratulations:)

    i featured your new creation on my blog today along with other shops featured in the Shop of the Week interviews.

    Have a great week,



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