matthew sporzynski: paper constructionist

Last year when I still was an annual subscriber to Real Simple magazine, I would admire those lovely paper sculptures at the beginning of each section. I recently discovered who the brains behind this operation is. Matthew Sporzynski, a paper constructionist, has been sculpting objects, scenes, and concepts in Real Simple since 2005. Here are a few of his designs featured in past issues. (Again- these are composed of paper).

more images here

THEN after digging up some more info on
Sporzynski, I came across an advertising campaign he has been working on with Durham-based agency McKinney and Sherwin-Williams. His work is featured in this integrated campaign entitled "Color Chips" that brings to life..drum roll..paint chips! And if you know me at all, you know I love paint chips. They are the reason behind much of my artistic endeavors during the past 3 years. While my focus on paint chips is the actual name of the color, the designs in this ad campaign combine the shades of the swatches to create environments and creatures. It's a fantastic concept and a wonderful way to bring to life color, making it much more appealing than showing a regular, old snapshot.

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