capturing charleston

This past Saturday I visited the dreamy town of Charleston. I've been there a few times before, but not since moving back to the south. It is by far one of my top five favorite cities. As I crossed the bridge downtown, I glanced over to find a sea of sailboats drifting along the river. Traditional porch swings line the dock that stretches out in the battery which just screams southern comfort. And I don't think you can walk on a street without seeing palmetto trees lining the paths.

Everything about Charleston is charming. I see so much of Savannah in it, but the style is different in a way I can't explain. Here are a few pictures I took.

I can't get over how lovely the facades/palettes are

I like how the street numbers are all so unique and reflect each building/house

Intricate detail of a gate

Garden entrance near the Hominy Grill (where we ate and highly recommend)

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  1. wow, it must lovely to walk its streets! i love the structure pallettes:)


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