new work: pigs & pearls

I was recently asked to design a logo, business cards, and etsy banner for a new, little biz in Pensacola. This aunt/niece creative team creates bibs, burp clothes, and baby goodies. The name of the company sparked my interest right away- pigs & pearls. They wanted something fun and kid-friendly, so I went ahead and created some playful piggies with draping pearls framing their little piggie bods.

Etsy banners

So the banners began with a husband and wife piggy. But since this is a company aimed toward little ones, we altered the husband piggy to a little boy (and a well-dressed one at that). His mama is the one with the pearls.

Business cards
Two different approaches

Clothing tag
They decided on a different font for the tag. Here is what we came up with.


  1. SO cute!
    I'm LOVING that curly pink piggie tail on the business card : )

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