the sound of white

Tonite I ventured off to Tybee island. I hadn't been out there in quite some time, so I figured I was due for a beach run. The drive itself was absolutely wonderful. The moonlight and excessive fog made the drive a bit haunting and mysterious. But I liked that.

I love the beach at nite. I closed my eyes as I was walking on the shore and felt like I didn't even need to open them to see where I was going. There was absolutely nothing in front of me. But when I did open my eyes, I looked directly to my right and saw allll ocean. It's funny how sometimes I feel like the sound of the waves is just white noise. But if you
really listen, it is quite melodic.

Tybee has wooden swings placed sporadically on the beach. They are the good swings too. The kind that creak a little when you begin to push your feet off the ground. They are distanced far enough from the shore so that you can still hear the waves, but close enough to the dunes where you can feel the super soft sand cushion your toes.

If I listen to the sound of white, sometimes I hear your smile,
and breathe your light.
{missy higgins}

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