seven signs of a savannah spring

I had a splendid, outdoorsy day in Savannah today. I kept thinking how everyone around here has serious spring fever (including me). So I would like to share my seven signs that today is the first day of spring in Savannah:

{1} The line at Zunzis could be spotted from blocks away.

{2} The lights were beaming from Historic Grayson Stadium.
{3} Pink and white buds began covering up the Spanish moss.
{4} A police car was perched on the bridge, monitoring Tybee traffic.
{5} At least 3 weddings were taking place in downtown squares today.
{6} People were busting out the Claritin and Zyrtec like whoa.
{7} And (the best one)...the local Forrest Gump impersonator was sitting on a bench in Chippewa Square, in full Forrest attire with his suitcase in tow. classic.


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