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I found this from
http://double-sidedtape.blogspot.com/ and thought it was a fantastic idea, especially before the new year rolls around (not that I have done all these things in 2009). List 99 things you’ve done- little, big, bold, silly, whatever- and post on your blog!

1. Slept on the beach.
2. Rode a tandem bike.
3. Painted faces.
4. Fell asleep in a clean pile of laundry.
5. Went to art school.
6. Baked a cake.
7. Drove a boat.
8. Climbed a mountain.
9. Lived in downtown Manhattan.
10. Braved many fierce hurricanes.
11. Prayed.
12. Made sweet tea.
13. Went hang gliding over the Gulf of Mexico.
14. Had a pillow fight.
15. Played tetherball.
16. Owned my own dog..and still do.
17. Caught a fly ball.
18. Asked a boy to a dance.
19. Tasted bison.
20. Turned 21.
21. Watched a sunrise.
22. Kept a secret.
23. Seen Journey live.
24. Started my own blog.
25. Held a snake.
26. Drove up the coast of California.
27. Won a coloring contest.
28. Learned Spanish..and later forgot most of it.
29. Played in the mud.
30. Spent Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
31. Been in an elevator with Alex Trebec.
32. Lost loved ones.
33. Spit off the top of the Empire State Building.
34. Caught the bouquet.
35. Had a pedicure.
36. Started a business (sort of).
37. Went whale watching in Canada.
38. Been truly happy.
39. Held a monarch butterfly.
40. Scored my dream job.
41. Held someone's hand.
42. Went sledding.
43. Taught a kindergarten class.
44. Slid into home plate.
45. Laughed til I cried.
46. Experienced a real winter.
47. Been published.
48. Fell in love.
49. Tap danced on a stage.
50. Painted a wall.
51. Made something out of nothing.
52. Lounged in a hammock.
53. Seen a 21-gun salute.
54. Met one of my closest friends via Craig's List.
55. Felt the sand beneath my toes.
56. Built a Lincoln Log house.
57. Helped a stranger.
58. Experienced Broadway.
59. Kissed in the rain.
60. Been in a spelling bee.
61. Fell asleep in rocking chair.
62. Ate cold pizza for breakfast.
63. Got flowers for no reason.
64. Felt heartache.
65. Went square dancing.
66. Buried a treasure.
67. Watched Steel Magnolias 47+ times.
68. Ran in the rain.
69. Gave up ice cream for Lent.
70. Swam with dolphins in the Atlantic.
71. Finished a tube of chapstick.
72. Seen a full moon.
73. Climbed a tree and then fell out of it.
74. Got glasses.
75. Sweat the small stuff.
76. Saw the Blue Angels fly (over my house).
77. Went ice skating in Central Park.
78. Smelled the magnolias.
79. Been to a real movie premiere.
80. Scored the winning goal in a soccer game.
81. Fed a deer.
82. Sang in the shower...multiple times.
83. Had chickenpox.
84. Skied a Black Diamond having never been on skis before.
85. Woken before my alarm clock.
86. Got laid off.
87. Seen leaves change.
88. Helped make a movie.
89. Got braces (twice).
90. Been homesick.
91. Broken a bone (see #73).
92. People watched.
93. Been to the Met.
94. Swam in Lake Erie.
95. Won a radio contest.
96. Started my own fire.
97. Learned stick shift.
98. Saw Macy's during Christmas.
99. Smiled really big.

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