welcome mat

Welcome all to my new blog! Most of you probably found me via dotandjim.com (the brand spanking new site). The past few weeks have been dedicated to cranking out new cards, designing the site and working with wonderful web designer, Hope Wallace. I hope to have all my work added soon so it will be completely shopable! Get excited. I sure am.

P.S. I also want to thank the talented Claire Mojher for the charming icons she drew for my site!


  1. I have updated google reader with this new blog address! I have really enjoyed working with you for dot+jim!

  2. I just put them in my *favorites* file!
    Congrats to you on all of this new wonderfulness*!*

  3. I love your site Claire. Dot and Jim sound like very special grandparents. I am sure they would be quite proud of what you've done. Your work is so unique... please give us more.


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